Monsters Called me Home

My monsters were conceived in mid-2015. They have been shaped and molded and grown into something beautiful and terrifying. Anxiety driven, yet inspiring. They are as much a mystery to me as they are to you; they have been by my side and they have left me. I have sought them out and I have run from them. We are kind, yet callous to each other, and yet no matter how far we push each other away, it seems that the only place we can call home, is that familiar place called “together.”



Portraiture is where I was classically trained and where my style constantly evolves. Portraiture allows me to learn about myself, as well as the world around me. Human relationships are what we have in this life. And if we lose all of our material possessions, we will still have other humans. I like to know people, and I like for them to know me. After all, I could lose my apartment and all of my things in a single snap of a finger. I simply don’t have the foresight or control over that. What I do have control of is my ability to learn about others. I find that the best way to learn about others, is to draw them and ask them nosy questions.


Client work

Sometimes I’m lucky enough to get to know people who I never thought I’d meet in million years. Yet here we are, sometimes half a world apart.